How To Take 3D Scan

3D printing has come a long way in the past few years. Now, as long as we have a 3D model to work with, we can print almost anything.

How To Take 3d Scan

3D scanning an existing object is one of the easiest methods for creating a 3d model. You can construct anything, from a house to an earring, in any size with a 3d scan and the right printer. But how do you do it?

All you need to take a 3D scan of any object is a smartphone. Some phones these days are at the forefront of 3D scanning technology and come with scanning apps built in to make the process easier.

With other phones, you will have to download a scanning app separately, but the process is just as easy.

Here is how to take a 3D scan with your phone. We have also included some of the best scanning apps to use, and give you some top tips to make your scan perfect.

What Is A 3D scan?

A 3D scan is a digital representation of the object you’re scanning. During the 3D scanning procedure, you capture the shape of an item using a 3D scanning program on your phone.

The device’s sensors collect information on the shape, depth, and color of the object being 3D scanned, which is then used to build the final 3D file. After the 3D scan has been converted to a 3D file, you can edit the output with a 3D modeling program.

This allows you to edit and 3D print your 3D scan. This is how the object goes from being physical to being digital.

How To Take A 3D Scan?

How To Take A 3D Scan

You can utilize one of the many 3D scanning apps available already if you have a smartphone. For a successful 3D scan, the process is very basic and easy to do. Here is how to do it:

  • Put the object or person you want to scan in a place where you can easily walk around it and see all the angles. Placing the person/object on a stool may be best as you won’t have to awkwardly bend down or stand in awkward positions to reach all the angles
  • Follow the instructions on whatever app you are using to scan the item. Your phone’s sensors and the camera will be able to pick up all of the data needed
  • When the scan has finished, the app will turn it into a 3D model. From here you can then 3D print it or use it for other projects

With just these 3 simple steps you will be able to 3D scan anything.

Best 3D Scan Apps

Here are some of the best 3D scanning apps for both iOS and Android.


Users can capture in 3D using the itSeez3D 3D scanner app, which connects an iPhone to an Occipital Structure Sensor. This 3D scanner app creates high-quality 3D scans by analyzing pictures on its cloud platform.

It can capture people as well as objects in 3D, which takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. However, the resolution acquired when scanning smaller objects is slightly lower. The software enables infinite 3D scanning because it is free to use.

However, you will have to pay a small fee to export these 3D scans — which come in standard formats like.OBJ,PLY, and.WRL.


Scanne3d might be a suitable option if you’re looking for 3D scanning apps for Android phones. The success of this software is down to the simple interface design. Even if you’re a novice, it’s straightforward to use because the 3D model allows for speedy rebuilding.

It works by taking 20 to 30 overlapping images of the object you’re 3D scanning and then rendering it on the smartphone automatically.

Depending on the number of input photographs, the 3D scan results are ready in a few minutes. After that, you can use your Sketchfab account to create a 3D model that you can share right away.


This iPhone-only 3D scanning app features two scanning modes: object mode and scene mode. In both situations, the software delivers quick support. In object mode, the user walks around an object, and the app takes the image.

Scene mode allows for free-form scanning, so you can scan exterior scenes or large items in 3D. This app’s appeal is that it may also be used as a social network. You can create a profile and a collection of your 3D scans with this 3D scanning tool, and people can follow each other’s accounts.

Tips For 3D scanning

Even while the 3D scanning apps are already quite user-friendly and offer you with prompt advice on how to go to the next stage, a successful 3D scan with a phone may still be difficult if you do not know the best methods or setups to use. Here are some of the best tips you should follow to get a successful 3D scan.

Use The Right Lighting

Make sure you use the proper lighting when scanning an object, whether indoors or outside. It is recommended that you use bright light that is equally spread around your object when 3D scanning, especially at night.

Avoid creating shadows while scanning an object with complicated geometry, such as one that is hollowed out or has edges, because the 3D scanning tool won’t be able to read them efficiently. Also, try to keep an even distance when scanning around the object to obtain a consistent result.

Scanning A Face

3D scanning a face can be quite challenging but there are ways to do it. The best way to scan a face is to do it from ear to ear while going around the person.

Make sure to photograph the face from numerous angles to ensure that no edges of the face are overlooked. Maintaining a steady distance from the individual while you walk around them is crucial.

Set the person you’re scanning against a single-color, bright-enough background to allow the camera’s depth sensors to identify the head from its surroundings for the best results.

The person being 3D scanned must remain still and keep the same facial expression throughout the procedure. Don’t be surprised if the hair of the person you’re 3D scanning isn’t precisely displayed because stringy or fine items are tough to capture.

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