Can You Glue ABS to PVC?

To fully determine if ABS plastic can be glued to PVC plastic you must first be aware of what they are. Don’t worry it is fairly straightforward to understand it is just what type of plastic is being used.

This style of plastic will be known to many DIY junkies as it is one of the more common materials used in plumbing pipes.


ABS stands for Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, it is one of the most perfect plastics to use to create a mold and therefore is seen very regularly in the world of 3D printing but also home maintenance.

The reason that it is so popular is because it has a low production cost which means there is often an abundance of it on the market made by all different brands. It is quite impact resistant and maintains its structural integrity over time.

It is also chemically resistant so depending on what you are using it for it shouldn’t rust or corrode. It works great in both low and high temperatures and offers lots of electrical insulation properties.

It is also incredibly easy to glue or paint. Though it is not perfect and can actually be damaged by sunlight and can actually become quite hazardous when the plastic is burned.

The advantages of use of ABS do truly outweigh its disadvantages hence why it is used in so many houses in the modern era.

 ABS is also used in plenty of things such as protective head gear, musical instruments and also is used for lego bricks. This is due to its ease when molding a specific shape when using it. It is a quality material and often very durable.

Although remember, it can be damaged by sunlight so using it for products that will be outside may be counter productive.


PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride and is one of the most used thermoplastics across the whole world. It was first produced commercially in the 1920s.

It is mainly used in the construction industry as once it has had the addition of plasticizers it will become a very strong material. Some of the best qualities of PVC is the density of it, it is one of the most dense plastics that is on the market today.

PVC is also incredibly cheap and often can be found in almost any construction shop. Like mentioned it is a very hard material and will provide whoever is using the material a very durable quality that will last for a very long time.

It is also incredibly strong which depending on your use for it could be an incredibly important feature for it.

Though when the material is melted it will produce both corrosive and toxic chemicals so it is important not to burn the PVC plastic as to not allow it to produce these harmful chemicals.

The product will struggle in heat so when it is being used for something that will leave it in the heat for an extended amount of time it will often have additives that will be used to keep the material stable at temperatures that are quite high.

It will melt between temperatures of 100 degrees celsius and 260 degrees celsius. There are many uses for PVC which is why it is such a used product by many industries.

To cut this type of plastic it is recommended that you use a CNC machine and if you use a cutter that is not made from stainless steel then it is expected that the blade will corrode over time due to the toxicity that the heat can cause.

Can They Be Glued Together?

Can They Be Glued Together

When it comes to directly gluing ABS and PVC together it will not be possible however, they can be mechanical coupled. But glue will not be strong enough to hold the relative plastics in position.

Although they are both widely used in a number of different industries ranging from lego bricks to construction sites it is just possible.

You could try and forge them together but then you are risking exposing toxic chemicals by heating the PVC plastic up, so it is not recommended that you try to do this because you can’t glue them together.

Although they are both used commonly it is rare to find them both used at the same time because of this.

Mechanical coupling is simply a coupling process that is done by a machine and will give you much better results than trying to glue them together as like stated this simply won’t work.

This will also reduce any chance of misaligning the plastics which would also damage the structural integrity of whatever you are trying to produce with both of them.

This ensures they maintain their rigid structure without causing any damage to them.

In Summary

It is not directly possible to glue bpth ABS plastic and PVC plastic together although both are used very commonly, ABS stands for Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene and PVC stands for Polyvinyl chloride.

They are both incredibly durable and strong materials. PVC is often used in construction due to its rigid nature and durability and ABS is a much more moldable material often used in 3D printing although it is moldable it is still a very strong and durable material.

It is recommended that when you are cutting PVC you use a CNC machine as the toxic chemicals it produces can often ruin the blade.

Although they can not be glued directly together they can be mechanically coupled, this often removes any chance of miss aligning the plastics which damage the quality finish and the structural integrity of it also.

The reason it cannot be glued together is simply because it is not strong enough to do so. Mechanically coupling the materials together will provide you with a much better result when trying to join the materials together.

The chemicals that PVC can produce in heat are very dangerous and you should avoid melting the material for safety.

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