Can Cricut Cut Cardboard?

If you have a cricut, or you are thinking about getting one, then you might be wondering if it can cut cardboard.

Whether you want to recycle used cardboard or create new crafts using this material, it is important to know what you are doing before you try and cut cardboard using your cricut.

Can Cricut Cut Cardboard

Cardboard is a material that can be used for various different crafting purposes, but one of the easiest ways to cut this material would be by using a machine that does all of the hard work for you. 

In this article, we are going to answer the question ‘can a cricut cut cardboard?’, so you can find out if this is something that is possible before you try it. We will also tell you which cricut you can use for this purpose, and what setting you need to use in order to be successful.

Yes, your cricut machine will be able to cut cardboard, but the cricut that you are using will determine the settings that you need to use to cut this material. The majority of cricuts will be able to cut cardboard, and you can find out more about this below.

How To Cut Cardboard Using Your Cricut

If you want to use your cricut to cut cardboard, the first thing that you will need to do is to place the cardboard on a light grip cutting mat. Once you have done this, you can go ahead and load the mat into the machine.

The next thing that you should do is select the images and size of the images that you want to cut.

You can take a look at the cut guide table below to find out what settings you need to use, depending on whether you want to cut flat cardboard or corrugated cardboard. You should adjust the settings accordingly. All that’s left to do now is press the button to start your cut. 

Corrugated Cardboard Cut Guide

Machine TypeBlade DepthPressureSpeed Multi-Cut Blade Assembly
Cricut PersonalCricut 6MaximumHigh Deep Point
Create Cricut Expression
Cricut Expression 265 1 Deep Point
Cricut Imagine65 1 Deep Point
Cricut ExploreTurn the Smart Set Dial to “Custom” and select “Corrugated Cardboard” from the list of custom materials.Deep Point
Cricut MakerSelect “Browse all materials,” then select “Corrugated Cardboard”Deep Point

Flat Cardboard Cut Guide

Machine TypeBlade DepthPressureSpeedMulti-CutBlade Assembly
Cricut Personal
Cricut Create
Cricut Expression
5MaximumHigh1Fine Point
Cricut Expression65High1Fine Point
Cricut Imagine55High1Fine Point
Cricut ExploreTurn the Smart Set Dial to “Custom” and select “Flat Cardboard” from the list of custom materials.Premium Fine Point
Cricut MakerSelect “Browse all materials,” then select “Flat Cardboard”.Premium Fine Point
Flat Cardboard Cut Guide

It is really important for you to use extra care when you are cutting and handling the edges of corrugated cardboard. Due to the layered construction of this material, it is recommended to use a basic cut. You should also know that the end results can vary.

This is why you should always do a test cut before you get started to verify that you are using the right settings for your project.

How To Cut Cardboard Using A Cricut Machine

The first thing that you will need to do is find a piece of cardboard that is the right thickness. It should be less than 3 mm thick, and you should choose a piece that is both smooth and dry.

If the cardboard is damaged in any way, then you should use a different piece, as it could otherwise cause problems.

It would seem that the newer the cardboard is, the better it will cut. It can be helpful to have some good cardboard saved from deliveries to keep as a stockpile for this purpose. Although, they don’t always cut as well as unused cardboard. 

More often than not, if the box is very large, it will be too thick to cut through. As well as this, if the card is double layered, then the cricut will struggle to cut through the cardboard. You will also need to use a sharp knife blade if you want the best results.

You should cut your cardboard down to a size that will fit on your mat, and it is recommended that your project is less than 11 inches wide.

You can make a simple shape by using design space for your test cut, like a simple square or triangle. You should use something with corners, as these are a great way to test that the blade will cut through the material.

You can then tape the cardboard to the center of a purple strong grip mat. A green light grip mat may also work for a lighter cardboard material if you tape it down.

You should then slide the white roller wheels to the sides so they don’t end up running over the cardboard. If you have never moved them before, they might be a bit stiff, requiring a little bit more pressure.

You can then go ahead and click make it in design space, and arrange your design in the way that you want to in the preview screen. Make sure that it will align correctly on the mat, and make sure it is away from the edges. Now, click the continue button and select your material.

The matboard 1.5 mm option should work and will cut cleanly through the cardboard without affecting the mat. 

Now, it is time to load the mat and press the go button. You will see a message about a longer cut time, but this is to be expected. When it has finished the cutting, you can unload the map, remove the tape, and check that it has been cut correctly.

Now that you have checked that everything is working as it should, you can repeat this process with your actual project. 

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