About Us

When it comes to 3D printing and welding, a lot of people assume that it’s only suitable for larger companies and businesses. However, this is not the case, and more affordable 3D printers are now available to purchase. 

The fantastic thing about 3D printers is how versatile they are. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the designs you can create. From useful gadgets to intricate jewelry and toys, these can all be made using a 3D printer when you know how to. 

While they do take a short while to get well acquainted with, when you have a good understanding of how they work, you can really get your creative juices flowing. This is why I decided to set up my site, XYZ Workshop, to educate others on everything they need to know about 3D printers. 

Hi, my name is Mark Andrews. I currently run my own 3D printing business from home. My company has been set up for five years, and I love the creative elements of creating unique and interesting designs for customers. 

I want XYZ to be an extension of my day job, to share my love and passion for 3D printing with others. This site will talk you through all aspects of 3D printing, laser cutting, and even welding, to provide you with all the information you need. 

I will also be reviewing a handful of the best welding and 3D printing equipment to give you a better understanding of whether or not they are worth purchasing.